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trying to make games.

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Casa de Shelf Three-Piece Holiday Band


A jazz album we recorded
over the month of December. Listen to it here.

Gifting Simulator


Perfect the surprise of gifting and gain confidence with this gifting simulator. Made in 48 hours for Yogscast Game Jam 2020. It's available here.

Afternoon Spaghetti


The classic tale of cheese, goodwill and transdimensional fridge
theft. This game only takes a few minutes to play and it's available here.

Bird Builder


A bird
builder for building birds
of all shapes and sizes. It's available here.

Tea for the King


A protoype game where you can make tea
for The King. You can try it on itch.io



We hosted a jam site for
Global Game Jam at DoES Liverpool. Here are the games that were made.

Ask the Bird


A magic 8-bird
for answers to everything and nothing. It's available at askthebird.net and on iOS.



A card-based sword fighting samurai action game for GMTK Game Jam 2019. Besides being somewhat unplayable, it's available here.



A game about plugging in cables and discovering your true self. It's available on Android.



A small exploration game that involves trading, a lost city and lots of walking.

Inclusive Inter-Dimensional Interior Design


A small narrative game featuring a room, some chairs, a robot and the discovery of the shelf. It'll be done at some point.

Untitled Car Game


This project began with Joe riding a tram in Amsterdam and became a narrative-driven driving game featuring Antony, a Miami obsessed taxi driver trying to make it big in the city of Zorbleblork. We've put this project on hold for the time being.

the team

"Three friends trying to make games."

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