We're 3 blokes trying to
make games.



A flat length of wood or rigid material, attached to a wall or forming part of a piece of furniture, that provides a surface for the storage or display of objects.
It also makes games.


"Three blokes trying to make games."

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A mobile game about plugging in cables and discovering your true self.

We began working on Cables in our final year of Sixth Form after an idea we had while plugging in some cables. It was our first game and so while the premise was pretty straight forward, we managed to spend an entire year working on it.

During that time, we successfully made several needlessly identical versions of the game while at the same time coming to terms with our shortcomings as game developers and as people in general.

Ask the Bird

A magic-8 bird.

Available soon on iOS, Android & The Web.

Untitled Driving Game

A game about moving people about and talking to them if you want.

We working on this game right now!! Coming soon to Windows, MacOS & 2DS.